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All food companies have problems valorizing their waste and by-products. Solutions are often outside their expertise and need third party advice. Our management consulting and other services aim to support food industries and organizations to innovate and develop food waste recovery and sustainability projects.

Creating something innovative is like taking a journey. Before suggesting what to do next, we would like to know more about where you are now, your specific needs, and what you want to achieve. We always tailor our activities to suit your needs and budget. The only thing you should do is to contact us and follow the next steps:

  • Give us feedback on your claims and problems trying to solve,
  • Book a free 20-min Zoom session with one of our experts,
  • Define Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • Get assistance and specific offers within 3 days,
  • Alternatively, contact us at foodwasterecoverygroup(at) to discuss how we can help.

Commercially available textbooks and reports.

Skype or telephone conversion with industry’s personnel or team panels.

Deliverables: a report with details on project’s characteristics and opportunities.

Periodically repeated skype or telephone conversions with industry’s personnel or team panels. Handling strategy, portfolio and project implementation. Innovation roadmap to identify where are you going.

Deliverables: A detailed report on the discussed insights.

Periodically repeated face-to-face meeting with industry’s personnel or team panels handling the aforementioned issues. Assessing the progress of certain projects and identifying gaps on them.

Deliverables: Training seminars and a detailed report indicating key issues of the project’s problems and barriers, priorities to be met and ways out.

A combined service tailor-made to the needs of the customer. Setting management teams and optimize practices. Handling in details all the aforementioned issues with face-to-face and telephone meetings. Follow up of project’s plan. Identifying if the innovation is mature enough to be commercialized or needing enhancement. Decision making.

Deliverables: Stimulate innovation and find ways to break through. Strengthening capabilities, aligning leadership, developing processes, providing solutions and bottom-line results denoted in an implementation report.

  • searching on-line resources of academic and technical databases
  • estimation of by-products forms, availability, distribution and production data
  • estimation of potential contaminants as well as microbial and enzymatic load
  • estimation of the necessary parameters to be analysed per case and identification of sampling sites
  • target and non-target (impurities) compounds definition and detection
  • Thermodynamic prediction for the preference of target compounds in different solvents
  • selection of the most appropriate recovery stages up to the final (encapsulated) product
  • selection of conventional and non-conventional technologies in each recovery stage
  • design of the overall recovery strategy based on the particular characteristics in each case
  • screening and estimation of the available patented methodologies and applications
  • mapping of experts, partners and stakeholders
  • preparation of an integral study for the recovery of high added-value compounds from different sources
  • advices on functional foods legislation

Deliverables: Detailed reports on the above issues.

Technical scouting via direct contact to our experts and broader contact with food industry community via social media campaigns. Accessing early and late stage innovation efforts, technologies and applications under development. State of the art reviews.

Deliverables: A detailed literature review containing a shortlist of best solutions, available technologies, market potentiality and realistic opportunities.

  • complete characterization of by-products, wastes and natural substrates
  • comparison of different techniques in each stage of downstream processing
  • comparison of different extraction solvents
  • optimization of several conditions in each stage of downstream processing
  • investigation of extracts implementation in different products

Deliverables: Detailed reports on the above studies.

  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of antioxidants and other high added-value compounds
  • determination of co-extracted compounds, contaminants and important macroscopic parameters
  • determination of antioxidant capacity (in vitro) of extracts, by-products and other natural substrates
  • antimicrobial activity (in vitro) of extracts, by-products and other natural substrates
  • antioxidant capacity (in situ) of natural extracts in vegetable oils, meat products and other foods
  • ingredient replacement and antioxidants implementation as natural preservatives in real products (foods, beverages and cosmetics)

Deliverables: Analysis and reports on the above services.

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