Who We Are

Our group was founded in 2013 by ISEKI-Food Association (Special Interest Group 5) and today has been developed to the biggest network worldwide in the field of food waste recovery, accounting thousands of associated professionals and researchers from more than 60 countries.

Our implementation team includes insightful and creative experts with many years of experience in food waste recovery and sustainability issues. We all share our commitment, energy and ambition to accelerate a meaningful difference in the food industry.

The activities of the group are managed by the R&I Department of Galanakis Laboratories and led by Dr. Charis M. Galanakis.

Our Team

Our implementation team includes over 100 insightful and creative experts with many years of experience in food waste recovery and sustainability issues.

What We Do

Consumers’ consciousness about environmental issues and legislative pressures increase the requirements of news methods for the recovery of food waste, rather than its disposal. Food processing industries generate a dramatic amount of waste (liquid and solid), consisting primarily of the organic residues of processed raw materials.

Our vision is to contribute in #SAVEFOOD actions and build a more sustainable world by helping food industries to recover food waste. We aspire to be the most admired open innovation group globally, distinguished by our principles, culture and effectiveness.

Our vision cannot be realized without bridging the gap between industry and academia, without transferring technical knowledge to stakeholders. We act at the technological part of bioeconomy, helping industries to estimate the potentiality of their food waste and convert them into food by-products.

We focus on the most difficult challenge: to recover compounds from food waste, to generate bio-based products and to re-utilize them in functional foods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other sectors.

Our engagement is to co-realize innovative ideas with our clients, coming up to high-impact outcomes.

  • To inspire, challenge and guide stakeholders to valorize their waste and identify opportunities.
  • Bringing key partners together and creating value by making long term contributions.
  • Implementing food waste recovery in industrial practice.
  • Integrating needed efforts.